Tuesday, March 17, 2009

more dresses

More dresses seen in progress while leaving for the day. These are being made in another workroom of the four work spaces that we inhabit.
There are five tailors including a junior tailor this year as well as 7 ladies wear cutters, including a junior, currently on staff right now, so that is 12 cutters, 10 with teams of 6 and the juniors have three sewers each. I think that makes 78 cutters and sewers right now, and lots of work going on.
There is so much work to do in such a short time line, with designers that aren't always in residence, and the rehearsals for the shows, that we often wonder if we're going to get through it all.
Yesterday, there were 28 costume fittings between 9am and 6pm, for 7 different shows,using 3 fitting rooms and the manager's office, 12 wig fittings, 2 boot fittings, and one millinery fitting. That left 57 outstanding fitting requests to be carried over to the next day(in addition to new requests on Monday). I don't know how stage management is coping.

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