Wednesday, March 4, 2009

mess jacket

Here's a pattern I made today.
It's for a military mess jacket. It will be red with black contrast. I'm hoping that they ordered barathea for it but it may be made in melton, if it doesn't come in the colour that the designer is after.
It has traditional frock coat seaming in the back, sits a few inches below the natural waist line and has a shawl collar, with contrast lapels, cuff details and epaulettes. The sleeve is a more modern pattern with the forearm seam wrapped to the inside rather than a "half and half" sleeve in which the forearm seam is more visible and the sleeve width is even from hem to elbow.
This will be a prototype, we'll be making a dozen or so of these.
Since we share our workroom with a ladies cutter, and team, it's nice for us to have a bit of colour to work with, rather than letting the women's wear have it all.

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