Monday, March 16, 2009

1960's suit toile

Our designer on this show arrived this week, and rehearsals started as well, so we're off! I didn't have a chance to speak with him about the design before I started this, so I did a mock-up or "toile" in a heavy muslin. It a nice double breasted early 1960's suit for a man with quite a barrel chest so it doesn't fit as nicely on the stand as it did on him.
Whenever I make a muslin that fits really well, I kind of kick myself cause I think I should have just gone for it, and I wonder if the designer thinks "why did you do a mock-up?" Then I stop and think about the fact that the design was single breasted to start and a phone call with the design assistant resulted in a change to DB just as I was finishing up the SB pattern, and what if the actor shows up 2 sizes bigger or smaller? or the pockets looked off?

Anyway, there were minor changes, so this one is cut out and the trousers are made already and the jacket is in process.

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