Saturday, November 15, 2014

I am away

Hello all,
I am just posting a little update to inform you that I am away for the next month in the beautiful city of Montreal.
I have a nice studio apartment close to downtown. I can see the cross on the mountain from my window and I am having a great time working on a production here.
I don't have access to my computer, so posting will be sparse until I get access to one, so bear with me.
Today, I had a day off and I walked for hours, doing some window shopping and I took in an exhibition at the McCord Museum called "Wearing our Identity" the first peoples collection which was astoundingly beautiful. The garments and accompanying blankets and jewellry were the best examples of their kind that I had ever seen. The beadwork ranged from subtle to completely amazing, the Inuit fur garments had very interesting shapes and I may just go back and puchase the exhibition catalogue. I highly recommend going to see this exhibit if you have the chance. The design of the exhibit was also very well done, the pieces were well displayed, and just enough negative space or walking around room, so that you could focus on each item or group of items without feeling visually overwhelmed.
The other two exhibits were "Montreal-points of view"which I also enjoyed, and an exhibit about Sam's diner, an  institution in the city for close to a hundred years.

This evening I am off to see a production of "The Importance of Being Earnest" in French. This should test my listening skills! At least I know the show in English.

I hope to fill all my spare time here getting to as many museums and art exhibits as I am able.
So, I will check in later!