Saturday, January 6, 2018

Quilted silk jerkin

Almost finished! Yay!
I padded up a stand earlier in the fall, using a combination of measurements, and a former costume and some internet photos I found.
I thought I should double check everything by trying the jerkin on the padded stand.
I think it is pretty good.
I have made it as alterable as possible. I basically made front and back components which were finished separately before being sewn together into a garment.

The sides of the garment are open and can be adjusted with lacing.
If the adjustment is minimal the lacing will suffice.
If the adjustment needs to be greater, the lacing panels can be unstitched from the fronts and backs and restitched in another position. They could increase the size by four inches or reduce it by the same amount by moving the lacing strips.

Now it needs the buttonholes and buttons sewn on.

Then I can move forward with the sleeves which will be quilted as well, but they will be attached to an separate under bodice.

Once all that is complete, then I can work on the garment that is worn over top of it all.

Happy New Year to everyone. I wish you all the best in 2018.

We are in a bit of a deep freeze here, this morning it was -26C  and with the wind chill feeling like -35C ! We have lots of snow and more to come tomorrow so in an effort to embrace what we have, I am out the door shortly for a xc ski. It has warmed up to -22C Woohoo!