Friday, March 13, 2009


Finally had a fitting with this doublet. (See: "First things first" post-I'm challenged trying to figure out how to link to my earlier posts)
The body is just in black duck right now and the sleeves were cut in the real fabric. We're going to raise the waistline to the chalk marks, shorten the skirts and change the sleeves a bit. I've pinned out a bit of the sleeve in the back, and I think the forearm "cuff" will close at the back of the arm and I'll lengthen the front of the "puff" so the opening opens up some more. I have a bit of fitting details, like adding a bit of padding at the back of his shoulders. The rest isn't bad, drop CF neckline and redo the collar to fit.
Now I need to alter my pattern, cut out the fabric for the body, mark the changes on the sleeves and body, get it ready for the designer to decide on the trim (all over), lining for the inside of the big sleeve, inner puff sleeve fabric, how its going to close at the front, buttons, etc. I also need to make a big lace collar but they haven't bought the lace yet, so that will be later. In the meantime I will take the pattern and make his second look from it and his third too.

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