Sunday, March 22, 2009


Here's the jacket that I mentioned earlier, after its first fitting in the real fabric. Since I did a mock-up or toile, and it fit really well, we go ahead to this stage. The fronts are done: pockets in, canvas in, lapels pad-stitched, and fronts taped and facings finished. The linings are in, but basted in place, as are the collar and the sleeves. It really doesn't fit this stand, but I assure you that it fits the actor better.
The changes are minor- a bit more padding on one shoulder, and the sleeves need to be shortened just a bit. When the sleeves go in permanently, the excess canvas will be trimmed down, and a sleeve head put in to fill in the top of the sleeve. The under collar will get hand stitched on and I will mark the collar size and shape at the notch of the lapel. Then we cover the collar, finish the hems and lining, and lastly buttons and buttonholes.

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