Tuesday, March 24, 2009

making progress

I got in on Monday morning to find trim pinned to a few outfits including this doublet that I've been tracking in these posts.
Hallelujah! We were stalled again last week because we either need designer's decisions or fabrics or fittings. Or all three.
So, I found the judy festooned with trim and my notes with most of the answers I need to proceed.
Body Trim: A gold and black fine striped silk fabric to be cut on the bias, and made into banding that will define the front edge, and the skirts of the doublet. On the inside edge of that fabric, a gold braid. Set on the fabric band a black trim , carefully placed so that the "teeth" set into the spaces of the gold trim. Right on top of the black trim is another gold trim.

The upper puff sleeves will have the same trim but with a narrower width of the banding to show along the open edges.
The inside sleeve is a caramel/golden dupioni silk.
The lining for the upper puff is a black and silver and gold scroll work patterned fabric, which isn't shown here.
In the other photo you can a detail of the trim being prepped and applied.We got right to work on one of the fronts so that the designer could see a portion of it done and I could get a few more details sorted out before he goes away again.


  1. Making my way through your blog; this is very beautiful !

  2. Thanks!
    We have been lucky to have had such beautiful things to make