Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lace collar sample

Well, the military jacket is waiting for a fitting, so Susy was able to get started doing a sample for the lace collar we are making for a doublet.

I had started with an underbase of light nylon crin, but I decided it was too flimsy, so this is a heavier version called Odette 611 from Fucotex.

First we measured what we were given to make sure that we could cut some lace off for the sample. This is really important- don't ask how I know!
She took the pattern and drew it on the backing fabric and basted the edging lace down by hand .
Wherever needed, she cut sections of the lace away in order to fit it to the design outline and to make it look good and make sense.
On one edge she pre-finished the crin on the design line and on the other she zigged within the motifs and cut away the excess beyond the motifs. We're going with the cut away look.
Then she took the middle section and basted the other lace there and randomly zigged it to the backing trying out various stitches. It didn't take her very long, I was surprised because I thought it would be more tedious and I have no patience for that kind of thing so I am glad to work with people who do..

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