Friday, May 8, 2009

lace collar pt.2

The lace collar took shape rather rapidly! So rapidly that I didn't even get a shot of the inset lace being basted on. Well, we were busy with many other things, so I shouldn't be surprised.
On the left is a shot of the perimeter lace basted in place around the edges of the collar. Susy used a tailor's egg underneath the crin base as she stitched the lace in place. If the lace is basted on flat on the table, there is a chance that it will be too tight and pull or curl upwards when put on the body.
After the edges were in place, she zigged them down and then started placing the inset lace, again working over the egg, basting the lace and cutting away where needed until the collar was covered. She would stop and try it on the doublet as she went just to make sure that nothing was going wrong, then continuing. She then zigged it down permanently. Now she needs to sew on a grosgrain ribbon to the neck seam allowance. This will then be stitched or snapped into the inside of the doublet collar.
I think that the design assistant liked what she saw, so we can cut away the base around all those little points.
Next: cuffs to match.