Tuesday, May 5, 2009

frock coat

Here's a frock-coat for a show that went on stage Thursday. I think this was the first frock coat that this particular stitcher has made from start to finish. She handled it quite well.

The designer wanted this character to look like a sculpture when he came on stage and to that end, chose a very firm and heavy wool. A bit too heavy maybe?
It becomes difficult to judge how much the fabric thickness affects the fit. We don't have the luxury of making a finished prototype in the real fabric, finding out what could be changed, then making another. I just have to make a judgement call as we go.
I think it is going to be a bit too snug when it is buttoned up. The CF seams should sit right on top of each other when it is done up. I suppose I also could have tried to match up the curved back body seam to the sleeve seam... although that would be really thick for all those seam allowances to meet in one place. Some designers really want those seams to meet , others don't and this one didn't care either way as long as the silhouette was right.
Well, I'll see if it comes back with any notes.

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