Thursday, May 21, 2009

another bit of lace

Well, this has been a very busy week with two shows tech dressing, and I think we're through the most stressful part.
We worked on the holiday Monday, in order to get important pieces like this collar made.
The collar in a previous post was made by Susy, this one was made by Karen.
Again, I started by draping the shape I wanted in muslin, making a paper pattern from that, cutting the base out of black crin, then double checking it in a fitting with the actor and designer. The edging lace was made up of a very wide lace border that we cut down into the elements that we wanted to use.
Karen did a couple of samples of how to create the best corner motifs and she laid it out along the edges, and we changed the pattern slightly in order to get the motifs to fit in well. She then proceeded as Susy did, basting over the tailor's egg and then zigging the lace down in sections.
I think the next time I cut one of these, I will consider putting a seam in the base fabric at the centre back, since I was noticing slight variations in how the collar sat at the front. I think it was due to the different bias at the front with the centre back on the fold.
Minor things really.
I am very pleased with the way this collar turned out.

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