Saturday, May 16, 2009


Here are the lace cuff samples that we did before moving onward.
The base of the cuff is the same black crin as the collar. The main body of the cuff is dupioni silk with the trim applied on teh edge ans then zigged and trimmed away.
We decided that it needed a bit more structure, so we took apart some rigilene nylon boning which is made up of filaments similar to very heavy fishing line, and it was zigged on up the sides and across the cuff at the base of the trim.
I'll take a picture of the rigilene and the technique to post next week.
As for the deadlines, it feels like a bit of a train wreck. Forces beyond our control this season have put us behind by about 244 working hours which is huge, considering my workload stayed the same.
I was really looking forward to this Victoria day long week-end, but we'll all be in on the holiday Monday, trying to make our Tuesday deadline.

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