Wednesday, April 22, 2009

velveteen doublet

Here's an updated photo of a doublet we are working on. It was previously shown here
in an earlier state of completion.
The trim banding is made from a piece of lightweight wool with a narrow gimp trim applied on one side of the banding.
The buttonholes in the sleeves are done, but the designer is now changing the buttons. Sigh.
What is left to do?
Well, linings to be slip stitched, change buttons, buttonholes down the CF, the armholes will be bound, as will the sleeves to finish them off. We will then attach the sleeves to the body from the front pitch point, over the shoulder, to the back pitch point, leaving the underarm open.We use heavy grosgrain under that section and stitch in the ditch of the binding into the grosgrain to hold the finished sleeve to the finished armhole. I hope that makes sense.
Attach and finish the collar permanently as well as the shoulder crescents/epaulettes.

In other news.....
I was given a piece of dyed velveteen yesterday morning for a jacket. The one piece of fabric I was missing for one of the shows. The problem is that the show techs on April 30 which doesn't leave much time to put it together, have a fitting and get it finished in a week. Especially since almost all hands are busy finishing up the other 15 garments for the show, and fittings get more difficult to schedule as the deadline looms.

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