Tuesday, April 21, 2009

grey cutaway coat

Here is a costume in progress for this season.
This waistcoat fabric has been dyed to this specific yellow. Since it was quite flimsy, I fused the fabric completely with "Sewer's Dream" a nice lightweight tricot-like fusible. Even though it is fused, I still have a strip of canvas put in the front to support the buttons and buttonholes, and neckline. We will add a small laid on collar to this and finish it up. Right now it is just basted to the back lining at the shoulders and sides.
The grey cutaway coat is wool, not a great one, it has some weight to it but I think the weave is a bit coarse and loose. The sleeves were just pinned quickly onto the stand and the only alterations I need to make are to take it in slightly on the side back seam, adjust the armhole slightly, and shorten the sleeves a half an inch. When the under collar is stitched on permanently, I will correct the angle of the notch and then the collar can be finished. He wears a pair of dark and light grey striped morning trousers with this and the white shirt and separate collar that is on the stand. The cravat is going to be something dark grey with stripes I think.

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