Monday, April 27, 2009

crunch time

Well, here we are getting down to the crunch.
Time seems to get shorter and the projects seem to last longer than they should in crunch time.
We will be teching a show this Thursday the 30th.
This waistcoat fabric arrived on my table along with trouser fabric a week ago Friday (17th) and the velveteen jacket fabric arrived on the 21st, with a little sketch as to what is was supposed to be. I had the trousers and waistcoat cut out by the Friday night, the jacket pattern made and cut out by Wednesday afternoon. The trousers and waistcoat were ready to fit by Wednesday and the basic shell of the jacket put together enough for a fitting on Friday (24th). Then there's trim to put on both garments, although I'm not showing you the trim on the jacket here.
Oh, add in a new waistcoat in addition to this one. Out of this fabric. Cut it out Saturday morning and it's halfway done now, Yeah team. I work with a great bunch of stitchers!!

Gotta have them ready to wear on stage by this Thursday. Yikes.

I hope they choose the buttons tomorrow.

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