Thursday, April 2, 2009

getting there...

Well, I think we're getting there, wherever that is, at least we're on the way!
Here's the gold doublet in it's next stage, ready for another, maybe a final fitting. The major pieces are figured out and together. I need to make a shape for the lace collar which will attach to the doublet collar, and fancy lace cuffs.

The sleeves are still changeable at this point and the skirts are just basted to the body.
We've basted a zipper in the front to make it easy to do up in a fitting. There is still trim to put on around the slashes on the chest and ribbons with Spanish points around the waistline.
It feels like we're heading in the right direction so I hope the designer thinks so too.
It's getting really hectic around this place and the energy in the building is changing.................first show is teching on Friday.

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