Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm trying to rearrange my teaching notes and condense the information to a managable size which is proving to be a challenge. I have so much new information- some that I need to try out myself, as I have been doing with the Rundschau drafts, but I also have some old information that needs to be looked at again.
In regards to the old information, I came across a bunch of notes I made a couple of years ago while we were exploring creating tights.

Tights are a garment that we are called upon to make every so often and you can make them in a variety of ways, moving the seams around as needed. This exercise was about creating the pattern shape for tights with one seam on the back of the leg, plus of course a CF/CB seam. I had started the process by making a pattern for a pair of leggings (for want of a better word) that fit very closely and only had an inseam and CF/CB seam. The side seam was on the straight grain and on the fold of the fabric.
While on the body, we drew a "straight" visual line down the back of the leg, then cut them open on that line. From that point we created a new pattern shape and played around with it further using a variety of stretch fabrics.
I began by reading over my notes such as they are, and realized I needed to clarify them a bit more so I thought the best way would be to draft a pattern using those notes.

These notes which I though made perfect sense to me in the moment now seem to be sadly lacking- does that happen to you?

Nevermind- I thought- I will forge ahead and try to quantify and clarify.

Well, in the end I did get a pattern made, but I still haven't managed to finish quantifying a proper draft that someone else could follow.

Sometimes I don't know if nailing something down is just beyond me, since my mind works better with the "try it and see" approach combined with the "if it looks right it probably is" theory, rather than the "stick to the formula", but I am making the effort. Whether it will make sense to anyone else is still up in the air.

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