Tuesday, September 28, 2010


When translating drafts from German gets to be too much (and I spent a good amount of time on it yesterday) I knit.
These are thrummed mitts for my husband. They are very warm to wear because as you knit, you knit in wisps of wool roving that fill up the inside. You can see the roving inside the unfinished thumb of the one still on the needles.
Very cozy.
I found that writing out the Rundschau draft myself, and drawing a quarter scale draft as I went really made the draft more accessible. I had a German English dictionary at my table, and although many of the technical words were not defined, it was relatively easy to dissect the words into their components and look them up and then I could translate some of those long words.
Back to the full scale version today or tomorrow.


  1. Hi Terri, you are the only person I know how to contact from outside the forum (Cutter and Tailor). Are you having issues with loading the site? I have tried it from a couple of devices but no joy. Anyhoo, sorry to bother you. Regards, TomBennett

    1. tom, send me a comment with an email that I can use to contact you. I won't publish it here.