Sunday, February 23, 2014

more ruffs!

Was it only just last year that we made some big circular figure eight ruffs?
Well, this year I think we will make more and just to keep things interesting, we are also making some straight grained ruffs.
Now, figuring these out is a lot easier as they are literally straight grain lengths of fabric, drawn up and sewn to a neck band.
One thing we did differently this year was the neckband. The change to our approach came out of not being able to find the right width of grosgrain! We wanted 1 1/4 inch wide but couldn't find any at the time, so what we did was zig together two 5/8 inch pieces, and mount them onto a 1 1/2 inch band. That meant there was a 1/4 inch left that we stitched another piece of grosgrain to, forming a flange that would tuck down inside the collar of the doublet.
Now we can attach the snaps to the flange piece...duh! why didn't we think of doing this last year? Oh well, live and learn! I love it when this kind of thing happens.

Here you can see the clever flange/band technique!

More descriptions and details to come........


  1. Very clever! Are the dots on the neckband there to guide even placement of the ruffles?

    1. Yes, the dots are spaced 1/4" apart as a guide for sewing on both top and bottom. The bottom dots are offset from the top ones.

    2. Neat. Thanks!