Thursday, January 30, 2014

Last minute costuming

I am tired.
Exhausted actually, but I finished a very last minute project tonight after "work". A pair of jeans, a shirt and modifications for a bought shirt to do in a week cause Andrew and Kaitlyn are off to Sochi.

Strangely enough, I have been working on jeans at "work" and this project happened to include a pair of jeans. Very serendipitous
It was very nice fabric to work with as far as velvet goes, and is a deep rich black that gets washed out in hasty photo sessions.

Stretch black velvet jeans. With red top stitching. A happy combination!

I got the fabric Friday morning, took the afternoon off my regular job, washed and dried and pressed the fabrics, made a shirt pattern and had the shirt cut out, with instructions for making to be handed off to Silvia by 5pm, jeans patterned and cut out by 9:30 pm. Made them up to the waistband point on Sunday afternoon, and managed to get the last bits done tonight.
You don't have to be crazy to be in this business but it helps!

 Faked front pockets.
 Inserting the zip and edge stitching the fly.
There is a nice trick to doing this that I discovered while figuring out the jeans for work. I will follow up with it later, I promise!
Fly done and top stitched.

I stopped taking pictures after this because I just lost documentation motivation!

Sorry for the sideways view.

I think they turned out quite well, I just hope they fit perfectly, because there isn't time for a fitting which is really nerve wracking because even though I have my patterns for the last few things I made for reference, it is a style change- lower waist, closer fit through the legs and a stretch fabric- and I prefer to fit and know for sure than hope for the best, but at this late date hoping for the best is all I can do.


  1. Beautiful! Love the red! I admire your dedication--I love to sew in my free time, but then I don't have to sew (or costume) at my day job!!! Any and all zipper tricks, or any tricks for that matter will be most most welcome.
    All the best,
    Nancy N

  2. Oh they will look so nicer .thank you for sharing when you are under. So much pressure !

  3. Beautiful topstitching on those velvet jeans. Do tell us what sort of velvet it is, and where you got it.

    1. It is stretch cotton velveteen, from a retail store on Queen Street in Toronto....the designer bought it....I think it may have been Chu Shing? A perfect weight for trousers!
      It fabulous to work with. The designer went back and might have bought the rest of it for another project, so it might be all gone.
      The topstitching was done with red Bell thread, commonly used for leather. It was the brightest one I had available to choose from.

  4. " I just lost documentation motivation!"
    I hope it is nothing serious and catching