Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More pattern drafting

Well, I haven't meant to be so uncommunicative lately, but it is summer and I am busy trying to enjoy some down time as well as get a start on the next project.
I've been making patterns and more patterns as you can see here hanging on the wall, and this morning I finished the last sleeve pattern for the boys tailcoats, and then went on to other things that have been waiting to get done.
I am still waiting for my fabrics to arrive from the US, and last week I spoke to a freight forwarder in Mississauga who will handle the customs portion of the delivery. Textile shipping is very tricky! I know this from my colleagues various experiences, and the customs broker himself said it would probably be easier to import booze and cigarettes than textiles. I'm not sure of the whys of it all and maybe I don't really want to know. I just want and need the fabric to get here, so I can make up my 4 sample outfits, dickies, waistcoats, trousers and tailcoats, and get them sent back to the US for fittings.
I have to package the toiles up and freight them back so I am betting that is a week of transit and border delays. Believe me, I don't want to be flying with unfinished toiles in my luggage.
I also don't know what the fabrics are yet, so I can't even order findings and interfacing or even thread until the fabric arrives.
I am betting the fittings won't happen until mid September now, which only leaves a month of work time to get everything finished and sent back again. My other upcoming project is huge and I was hoping to get going on it as well, so that darn fabric better get here soon.

I must be delusional in thinking this was going to be a relaxed and comfy process since we started talking in May!


  1. Yes, this border thing just gets worse instead of better.The USA is getting more and more like Nazi Germany every day! And I am not exaggerating in the least; a friend of mine who was visiting from Holland a couple of years ago (where she now lives; before that she lived here in Canada for about 25-30 years)got an invite and a ticket from an American friend to come for a visit; she was stopped at the border and told she could not enter because she had been arrested for possession of ONE(1) joint (marijuana cigarette) 45 YEARS (yes, you read that right) previously. And, it gets WORSE: they THREW HER IN JAIL OVERNIGHT.

    Yes, my 65-YEAR OLD friend was FORCED to spend the night in an American jail for a 45-year-old offense perpetrated in Canada (and one for which she had been pardoned for 30 years previously by the Canadian government, I might add!)

    So it is clear from this the border situation has gotten extremely bad and can certainly be expected to get worse and worse! You were informed it would be easier to get booze and cigs over the border than fabric; well, I told my friend that it would have gone 100 times better for her at the border had the offence consisted of a major felony involving a gun, rather than a single joint!

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    1. Thank-you, I am glad you enjoyed seeing what I do through this blog.
      I have to say that I don't Really know whether you can find commercial patterns for an Inverness because I just don't have time to keep up with what is available out there.
      As for custom made patterns, I haven't ventured into that area so far, and I am not sure if I would.(or could at this time, since I am very busy until at least May and possibly August of next year.)
      There are many period references available for overcoats such as the modern tailor outfitter and clothier. You might want to look at the Cutter and Tailor forum too. Then you could possibly find someone locally to make the pattern and the coat for you.

    2. Sorry for the delete, I was just trying to edit your post so your email didn't show. :(