Friday, October 7, 2011

jeans draft 1970

I am waiting for ballet fittings, so I thought it would be interesting to look at another draft for trousers.
This draft for jeans comes from the Tailor and Cutter of 1970. Again, thanks to the Cutter and Tailor forum for the following draft.
I preread this and I have noticed some odd things. But for now, I will post the draft here and have a read through it for yourself.
Drafting and thoughts to follow.


  1. Oh, what a thrill.

    I have recently used this to draft a pattern for my handy fit model (who is uncomfortable in off-the-shelf pants due to fitting issues). I had some weirdness and I'm very excited to see if you had the same.

    I'm far from experienced, so I'm not sure what's me and what's the draft.

  2. Ok, well this will be exciting- did you actually cut them out and try them?
    Let me get the draft going and we can compare things then!