Sunday, May 1, 2011

19th century waistcoat finished

Here are the finished photos of the waistcoat that I posted about here.
I am very happy with the way it turned out. If I had to change anything for improvement, I would deepen the shawl collar at the back so the neck edge was completely covered.

Top stitching by machine is not what I usually do on period waistcoats but it was a designer's request for that detail and I have to say I like the effect. It is like adding a line of trim, it delineates the edge, drawing your attention but not in a loud way.

We had inserted a "slip vest" of blue silk, which again draws your eye to the neckline and delineates the waistcoat from the shirt and cravat, and picks up on the colour in the coat.
It is always interesting working with designers for the first time and I have to say that this one has a wonderful and sure eye for colour combinations that are so appropriate for each character.
It is one of those things in design that if done correctly is almost imperceptible to the average audience member- you just feel that it is right. When it is wrong, it feels off, but not many people know exactly what isn't working.

anyway, that is all I have to say today.
I'll post some more finished garmens later but this has been a long and stressful week due to many things.
Upcoming tech dress, long distance project alterations that were required, and most sadly the death of an old friend and colleague after a prolonged battle with cancer.

Til later.


  1. No sabe cuanto le agradezco su rica informaciĆ³n sobre la moda del pasado. Gracias

  2. Terri, your work is brilliant, your clothes have inspired me. Julie, Birmingham, England.

  3. Thank you both. Kind words in stressful times are nice to hear. Lifts my spirits.

  4. Gorgeous! Very nice work Terri. Can you give details on who supplied the cloth and/or which swatch books they are in?

  5. I'll look into it if I can. The designer and assistant swatch and buy the fabric, it just arrives on my table to be cut out.

  6. hi
    havent been on your blog for a while
    love the waistcoats and recent stuff

  7. the collar is lovely on the waist coat