Wednesday, April 6, 2011


As I mentioned earlier, we've been really busy and just in case you were wondering, we have finished some things! Yeah!
Not only finished them but made adjustments so the actor could make a 46 second quick change into this costume. Oh there's a cape too, but I forgot to get it on the stand for a photo. So this one at least is ready for Friday.
How does it open? The right shoulder, the right back sleeve, and the side seam zips from waist to underarm. We had snaps on the sleeve but had to change it to velcro, because there was no time. The actor comes offstage, takes off the previous costume, then he steps into the undergown, which is set in place on the floor, lifts the garment and zips up the front. The surcoat is placed on him, snapped in place, the belt is done up and the cape is placed on him, done up at the front chest and then he's walking out on stage. It really is amazing to see it happen backstage- they are pros at it.

This overcoat, on the other hand, I was cutting out today, and I had delusions that we would be able to get it together and ready for a fitting on this coming Monday or Tuesday, but it isn't looking promising.

The coat it is worn over is in process, and the waistcoat needs alterations and finishing and the trousers need an hour or two of work, so I was really delusional.
There are only six pairs of hands and we still need to get another tailcoat and trousers ready, and those hands are just finishing tying up the loose ends for Friday, and tomorrow is Thursday after all.

It is still snowing.

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