Thursday, April 29, 2010

Tattersall waistcoat finished

Here is the Tattersall waistcoat all finished. It turned out quite nicely. We did change the buttons after the tech dress- the originals were too pale in colour. The fabric was quite light and I didn't want to fuse it, so I just went with it as is. I'm not the type who interlines the whole front with hymo (a wool and goat hair interfacing) in retrospect, I wish I had given it a bit more oomph somehow. Maybe flat mounting it? or maybe next time I will try to put the lightest weight hymo in the whole front just to see if I like it. I often think it is overkill to do that on all vests - and you do need skilled handling because you don't want the hymo in the seam allowances so it would all have to be cross-stitched in place first which probably takes more time and then I get to the budget and then you can see why fusing gets used.
Well, I'll get it back next January and see how well it has stood up to being worn- but for now I'm happy with it overall.

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