Saturday, April 10, 2010

pattern matching

Matching Patterns.
This is a jacket of a three piece suit that Silvia is working on.
It is important to match the patterns in the fabric when you install your pockets. If the patterns are off, it is really noticeable and jars the eye. You can see how well Silvia has matched the breast welt as well as the hip flap pocket here.
This suit is a 1920's style and the curved edges of the welt are typical of the period as is the way the hip pocket is an inserted flap without a "lip" above it.
I make a pattern piece for the flap for the tailor, but not for the welt pockets. I mark the pocket placement, and then give an unmarked piece of fabric for the tailor to work with. It is her responsibility to sew a matched pocket.

Here it is ready for the collar to go on.

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