Friday, January 22, 2010

DB frock coat

Now I'm on a roll, unpacking and looking at these things that I have kept, so I might as well continue to document them here- it is very nostalgic, and it gives me a break from the heavy work too-taking down shelves and putting them up again, and setting up my table.
I need help to move the industrial machines anyway, so I can justify a little detour into the past.

I bought this frock-coat in 1984 for the sum of $40.00 which was a lot to me then.
It is in excellent shape- except for a bit of light damage on one shoulder- take note! keep your vintage things out of the light or you will regret it. It is small about a size 38 yet it was cut for someone with a bit of a belly and perhaps an erect posture by the way it sits on a stand.

It is a traditional double breasted frock coat with cut on lapels- hence the center front seam. This differs from cutting a "grown-on" lapel which would be of one piece with the main front body piece, perhaps with a dart into the gorge for shaping. It has three functioning front buttons and closes up fairly high on the chest by virtue of it being DB. There is no outside breast pocket, but two inside breast pockets. It has beautifully handmade buttonholes, and the linings are put in by hand, but it has a machine top-stitch, in a very short stitch length on the edges.
The buttons are basketweave with a raised rim. The back is cut with a step at the centre back, and with the usual pleats in the back skirt. The skirt is moderate in fullness. I forgot to check to see if there were pockets installed in the pleats..... I'll have to check that, they usually do.
I was guessing that this would be Edwardian at the earliest, possibly an example from as late as the 1920's.
I'll share a few close-up shots of some of the details next post.

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