Sunday, August 2, 2009

hunting frock coat

A Hunting frock coat.

I think this is the second to last coat that was made for the show. I am very pleased with how it has turned out.
This was the third coat for the actor who had lost a lot of weight, so I was very glad that I had waited and remeasured him before I started the pattern for this one.
I had four of my sewers collaborate in making it up for a first (and only) baste up or skeleton fitting, and then luckily, Susy was available to come back in this past week and make it up to its finished state.
I am reminded again and again how lucky I am to have such talented sewers working with me. They make my cutting work look great.
I think that we (and management) take for granted the skills that we are all required to have. This tailor is the same woman who made the beautiful lace collar pictured here, and is able, as all my team is, to make anything that is assigned to us. From stretch bodysuits to leather breeches to tailored coats, trousers and vests to foam sculptures. Cheers to us!

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