Tuesday, July 14, 2009

suit number 9 and 10

Ok, I think these are number 9 and 10.

Maybe I'm getting a bit overwhelmed, some days everything seems on track and others feel as though we will never be able to do all this work on time.

Today, the powers that be decided that our two leads should have a double of their jacket, as well as two pairs of trousers. This is so they can have one suit that stays nice and neat looking and the other will get broken down. Problem is, the designer didn't buy enough fabric for two complete suits so they will have to order more. I think I must have been looking a bit stressed in the past week, so my boss is going to hire my former apprentice to come in for a couple of weeks and she will cut out the second jackets from my patterns and make them up, because we sure don't have the time.

Other news from today:
I cut out the last tuxedo jacket this morning, fit the second footman in his trousers, waistcoat and a toile of the tailcoat. (I thought it was safer to do a toile for someone I had never seen or personally measured, but it would have been fine, I wasn't far off)
I fit this DB glen plaid suit, it's just basted together for the fitting, so it will need to come apart to be finished. Luckily, there are just a few minor alterations, so Silvia can get working on that.
This afternoon, I cut out a cream wool dinner jacket, so I can cross that off my list too.
Tomorrow's schedule has just come out so I am going to fit the overcoat I cut and have a couple of technical (no designer present) fittings, and hopefully figure out one problem that I am having with the fit of one suit and mark some alterations.

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