Friday, July 24, 2009

It's all fun and games....

No pictures today, but I'm in at work tomorrow and I think I'll try to get a few pics to update where we are.
Just in case you were thinking that making suits for the theatre was getting pretty matter of fact, although overwhelming, we get notes from stage management who update us on what the actor's are doing in rehearsal that will affect the costumes.

As I expected, clothes are coming off onstage. Two of the actors will be removing or having their trousers removed for them onstage. OK, we do that in the theatre, actors dress onstage, they undress, they have quick changes, but it always is a bit more complicated than sitting on the edge of a chair and removing your trousers. One actor is going to take his pants off while still wearing his shoes. Have you looked at the size of the modern stylish fashion shoes that guys are wearing now? they are enormously long. So back we go to the "broken down" pair of suit trousers we are making and we need to widen the leg, and also catch the edge of the lining down in the front of the leg, so he doesn't get his shoe caught in it. He demonstrates his rehearsal technique in the fitting room today, almost falling over in one attempt. He then manages to do it by standing on the trousers in a heap on the floor while one foot after the other is pulled out.

The other guy is having someone hook their fingers in his trouser pocket and pulling on them as he drops them from the waist.

Oh, and they are going to be wet while this happens.

It's always exciting around here, what other job would have 5 people in a small room with mirrors, standing around watching with concern as someone else tries to hop out of their clothes.

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