Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's been a long week or so since I last posted. We've all been under a bit of stress getting 6 of our shows open this week, dealing with understudies and injuries to dancers and fine tuning 3 more shows that open in a couple of weeks.

I met with a new designer in the last week of May for the last show that I will be working on, and he is coming in this week for more meetings and some fittings. The design assistant on his show is still dealing with her previous show, which hasn't opened yet, so that is a bit of extra work for her.

In that regard, I thought that I would share a little something that the ladies wear team made for one of the design assistants.
One of our costume design assistants, Laura, is young, and at an early stage in her career, and she was assigned to assist on a big musical show. The designer she was to work with had never worked in our theatre before, and it turned out that he was not going to be in residence very often. She then became the "go to" person, and was required to go above and beyond the usual duties of a design assistant.
In recognition of the effort she put in, the team put together this manneqiun for her. I think everyone was charmed by the mini shopping bags filled with miniature bolts of fabrics and trim and by the show "bible" which was filled with swatches of the show fabrics and tiny design sketches.

Now, onward to our next project.

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