Sunday, October 5, 2014

pint size

I have to say that making patterns for the woman's costume was a lesson in scale.
Having just made patterns for the men, the woman's pattern was unfamiliar in terms of what I usually see on my table.
It challenged me to some degree.
This week, I took on a project that challenged my sense of scale even more.

This is about half the chest size of the last men's shirt pattern I made! About half the hip size too for the trousers.

Since my daughter is now an adult, it has been a long time since I made something in this size.

I did find a child size hanger though.

This was a request made through a dance/skating connection, and although I am busy with the Opera project, I couldn't resist this.

I had a fitting yesterday, and all went very well. I will let you know what it was for after the event, as it is to be a bit of a surprise for the audience.


  1. Your comment about women's patterns made me smile. I just had the same issue when having to do a few men's patterns, as I normally do women. Funny how our minds get used to the proportions, necessary ease, etc of one gender and it's hard to visualize the other.
    I'm a cutter/draper for an opera company.

  2. it is so true! but it is good to have an opportunity every now and then- keeps us on our toes!
    which opera co do you work for?