Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Almost finished or A rack of suits

Oh, we are almost finished the project!
I started bagging up the suits today. I tagged them and double checked everything.
It is very gratifying to have accomplished all this work.

We made five complete tail suits, which included altering the shirts, adding dance briefs and quick changing the bow ties by snapping them to the collars.
We also made 9 other suits, five of which were three piece suits, plus an extra pair of trousers.
We put period collars on the shirts, and quick changed some of them as well.

I put the last eight buttonholes in today as well, so that is done too.

I need to box up the remaining fabric, finish up my paperwork and arrange delivery. I am looking forward to seeing them worn when the show techs.

Next week I start back at my regular gig, and I will be working on three very different shows: Fiddler on the Roof, Mary Stuart, and Blithe Spirit. It should be interesting, and I will keep you posted.


  1. WOW Terri, What a line. Congratulaations! Something to be proud of. You "Gewandschneider" have all the fun!

  2. Congratulations Terri! Such a great job and everyone is proud of your accomplishments.

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  3. Thanks!
    I had a chance to see the dress rehearsal at the end of February, and I was so happy that everything looked so good. The show itself was fabulous, amazing, can't say enough good things about it

  4. Hi Terri,

    This was nice to read that your efforts for your show preparations paid. The way you have managed to fitting and altering the suits for your team is really commendable. Seems like your upcoming shows would be outstanding and I am curious to have an update about your shows. Deliberately waiting to see an update from your side.

    1. Once the performances are finished, the costumes go into storage and are brought out and re-used on other dancers for years to come. The ballet maintains them and rebuilds pieces over the years as they are needed.

    2. Currently, the shows I am working on are Crazy for You, King Lear and King John.