Friday, February 24, 2012

making progress on our suits

We are making progress with our suits and here is the one that I squeezed out of the smallest amount of yardage!
It has patch pockets and in the first photo you can see that we supported the wool where the pockets are stitched on with a piece of bias tricot fusible. I use fusible very sparingly, if at all, but this is one area where it makes sense to me to use it. If you didn't use fusible, a piece of silesia would be the traditional support behind the pocket stitching.
The jacket is now ready for the sleeves to be basted in for our fitting, which should be next Friday if everything goes as planned.
Once we have the fitting, I will mark any alterations for fit and change anything the designer would like changed. The sleeves will come out, the shoulders opened, since they are just basted. The collar will be taken off, and then the roll line is taped, and the lapels can be properly pad stitched. The fronts will be taped, the lapels and front linings put in before the shoulders are stitched finally, then we are on the way to being finished with this one.
Did I mention already that I love this fabric? Very period, good weight and drape, so it is very nice to work with.

Today I also managed to get the information on the sparkly part of the job, so stay tuned!

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  1. Oops, I can now see that the lapels are pad stitched already! Tired eyes I guess. It was a hectic day.