Sunday, November 15, 2009

corrected jacket pattern

I took a day off from my other project in order to proceed with correcting the jacket pattern from the toile fitting.

I usually put the toile on a stand- sometimes padding it up if needed to be able to see it hanging as it did in the fitting.
I measured and transferred the alterations to the pattern. (Sorry I forgot to take a picture of that)
In this case, I then made a clean pattern from the rough one I created for the toile. Checking and rechecking, to make sure the resulting shapes look good, grainlines are indicated, and that the seams will sew together correctly resulting in smooth flowing lines.

At this point I can cut a jacket in their choice of fabric- which I have and yesterday delivered it back to Silvia for construction. There will still be minor changes as every fabric behaves differently and a shell fitting doesn't exactly replicate what the final jacket will be, but it hopefully will have fewer alterations to deal with now.
They want something soft for this first jacket, so I was given a dark charcoal wool- a bit too light weight I thought, but it was something they could afford and it will give him a jacket to wear before Christmas.

Now I return to the other project which is coming along on, and needs to be delivered in two weeks or so.
In the meantime, my to do list:
Speak with a couple of other people who were interested in having suits made
Try to get a trouser pattern made for a lady client
Prepare for a career day talk at the local high school
Look at some fabrics for work next year
Deal with my landlord and a leaking roof at my studio space
Fit the jacket I've posted about
Gather my remaining wits about me

and finish painting my kitchen!

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