Sunday, February 8, 2009

First things first

First things first.
The sketch provided by the designer, along with some swatches of the fabrics chosen-I have made notes on the photocopy of the sketch that I keep in the show binder.

The next thing is to draft a pattern on brown paper. I realize that this is difficult to see well, but it gives a basic idea of what it looks like.

I am going to be cutting right into the fashion fabric as requested, so I will take my preliminary pattern, cut it out of muslin and pin baste it together to check the fit as well as design elements such as seam placements and proportion.
I have quickly added a bit of padding to the stand to more accurately reflect the person's body shape.
I change my seam lines if required, add the side skirt piece, keeping in mind the fullness of the breeches underneath, add a quick collar and have a look. Sometimes I like to draw in the trim and buttons very roughly just to see what it might look like and then I go back to the table with the muslin and change my pattern to reflect the changes I made on the dummy.
Next step:sleeves.

sketch/design:Santo Loquasto

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