Thursday, April 23, 2015

Counting the weeks:14 and 15 with an overcoat update

It was getting kind of crazy around the work table over the last two weeks. I put in many more hours than I would have liked to, but the work has a deadline and we do strive to make it work!

That cape in front- will it ever get worked on, and will it ever get out of my line of vision? Soon, I hope someone will be free to work on it.

I included a shot of the wall behind my table just to give an indication of how many patterns I have churned out in the past 14 weeks. I don't make separate patterns for linings or facings so these are just the basic pattern pieces. 
For the 18th century show, I have to cover the builds and stock costumes for 8 different actors. I have 5 skirted frock coats, 6 pairs of breeches, 5 waistcoats, one shirt, 2 capes, one sleeved casaque style cape, and cut, make and finish 9 stocks/cravats. Repair and or renovate three coats, 3 pairs of breeches, 3 shirts, 2 new waist coat backs on old waistcoat fronts, reline a old cape and sundry other things like changing buttons, repairing linings, adding pockets...... washing and ironing 5 new does go on!
Anyway, it adds up in the pattern drafting department!    

Here is an overcoat update. I documented the toile version of it here along with the waistcoat, which has turned out quite nicely. The coat is going to get a removable capelet, and I still need to tweak the set of the sleeves but it is turning out very well- We have also constructed it slightly differently than usual, and I will get some more photos detailing how it was made this week.

That's it for today. 
I have to switch gears and get a pattern for a 1970's "ish" suit drafted up and to be honest I need a day to wrap my head around the change from 1760 to 1970! Maybe I will do that on Saturday when I will have fewer distractions at work.


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  2. I know I will be needing your tailoring inspiration (at the least!) and expertise (most definitely) as I forge ahead, not knowing what will be available in the rental. It's been a decade since I made a frock coat I look forward to any and all talk about menswear circa end of the 1800s!!!

  3. What is it you are working on?

  4. They're doing an 1894 ( Dreyfus era) production of Merchant of Venice. I have very low budget, with most mens items coming from a not for profit rental house (very hit and miss) and the major hurdle being its out of doors in NYC in July and August--don't want to fry my actors, doncha know!

  5. That sounds like an interesting project! Of course with all the usual challenges, plus being outdoors....I hope it progresses well for you. Good luck and keep me posted!