Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tattersall waistcoat basted

Here's the Tattersall waistcoat basted together for a fitting. I wasn't too sure about whether I had placed the waist seam in best spot, and we needed to get to the fitting stage quickly, so we went in with just the basic shell- no pockets in, with the edges and hem basted back.
As it turns out, I did raise the waist seam 3/4" at the fitting, it was too low. The rest of it was fine, so back to cutting table I go, took it apart and marked the alterations and handed it back for making up and finishing.
On Friday afternoon, I took the left front across to the other building where our old industrial buttonhole machine is kept ( the newer one is malfunctioning at the worst possible time) and put the buttonholes in. This waistcoat is likely to be wearable but unfinished on Monday when it is needed onstage.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you once again. It's posts like this that make all the difference. The old books barely give any mention about how to properly baste a waistcoat for a first-fitting. I owe you yet another one!