Tuesday, April 20, 2010

armhole mis-shape

I really don't like having to do any major alterations to factory made jackets because there is usually little you can do- and here's a case in point. This is a factory made DB jacket size 40 reg.
We took the sleeves out in hopes of an alteration and I can only stare at it with disbelief.
Does that look like an armhole? Well it is a hole, and a sleeve was in it but have you ever seen such crap? The hole, besides being grossly misshapen, is also big enough at 23 inches for me to get my head through with room to spare. And what is with the weird flare on the underarm panel?
How did manufacturers manage to devolve the shape to this? It has no relation to the body. It wouldn't even pass muster as a shirt armhole.

This is how they try to fit the most bodies into a size. This is why you cannot lift your arms up when wearing the jacket without getting binding across the mid upper arm and pulling the whole jacket up too. I know people nowadays equate big and sloppy with comfort. Are they lured in by the flat and fused fronts that mask the armhole and sleeve problems?

Is there some subliminal societal or psychological reasoning behind the restrictive clothing of the 21st century man that future generations will read about and this armhole/sleeve shape will be described like the ladies "hobble skirts" of the last century?
I know the public is less critical and educated about clothing- but really, did it have to come to this?

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  1. Oh my. That is awful. Hard to believe anyone would think that a 'hole' like that is acceptable.