Sunday, June 6, 2010

uniform first fitting

Every so often we need to build a costume for an understudy- this is one of those occasions. The pattern for this jacket was described earlier in this post.
Am I happy with this? I'm not sure. The figure is a bit of a challenge to deal with. I didn't take a photo of the back, or of the profile so some of the challenge is not seen in this photo.
I like to see the photos because they give you a sense of stepping back and seeing things in a different perspective. When you are actually in the fitting, your perspective can sometimes be too close if you know what I mean.
So, this gives me a chance to have a critical look at my own work.

I got a fit on him that is balanced- adequate length and width for his chest and waist, good close fit in the back- no pulling or tipping of balance. Small armhole, and not overly padded in the shoulders.
We needed to keep the waist close fitting because the designer didn't want extra fabric bunching up when the sash was worn. That worked out fine.
I think it is a bit long but that can be fixed easily.
CB Vent sits straight no pulling apart.

Looking at it now, I need to balance his proportions more. I'd like to broaden his shoulders to balance out the waist and hip proportions without giving him an enormous armhole, extreme shoulder pads or a drape cut.

The sewing was done by Lela- her first jacket (guided by Susy)and I think that she has done a good job, especially with the challenges of it being cream wool.

p.s. photos for the trouser lining technique will be upcoming- its been very busy around here so although I think about getting the trousers down from wardrobe maintenance in the morning, the next thing I know it is time to go home, and another day has passed!

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