Friday, July 3, 2009

a lot of suits

We have a lot of suits to make and it has been a very busy week trying to get patterns made, have fittings, mark alterations, change the patterns and fit suits that are in the baste up stage.

We have quite a variety of suits to make for all shapes and sizes of gentlemen, from the 44 stout to the 38 short. The plaid suit jacket here is being finished off with some trim for an understudy. The trim is a bit odd in my opinion but it's being put on so that it can easily be removed at a future date. If you think that it looks very long, it is, because the man wearing it is around 6'5" tall. We are also just starting a nice navy chalk striped SB with semi peak lapels and on my table, I am just chalking out the footman's coatee onto the wool. I was busy with fittings this afternoon and didn't have time to cut the coatee out, so that will happen Monday morning.
Today, I cut out a Tattersall style waistcoat and fit a DB brown plaid suit, a SB grey birds-eye suit, two doublets and a 17th century coat suit, as well as a lovely SB black tuxedo. I will need to mark the alterations on those on Monday. I think I have only one person so far that I haven't made any patterns for, so I think I'm doing well. The designer returns in a week, so I hope he likes what we've done in his absence!

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  1. Hello,
    Thank you for your comment on my Flickr page - your blog looks really interesting! Your understudy post made me laugh - I was working on an understudy costume last summer that kept getting pushed back for more urgent things and was eventually finished long after that show had ended its run! It'll go into stock for the next hire, though - at least, that's what they told me!