Saturday, July 11, 2009

suit number 8

This is suit number 8 of the 12 regular suits that we are making, being chalked out on my table.
There is so much work to do, and I am so busy, that I am finding it difficult to get photos and blog!
I had another day this week that was mostly fittings, so I feel that things are progressing, but there is a lot of pressure trying to juggle all these suits that are all in varying stages of construction.
One good thing is that some actors have two suits, which makes it somewhat easier for me once I have one fit and I make the corrections to my pattern, I can be relatively sure of the fit of the second suit, as I make a double breasted suit from a single breasted, or a two button with peak lapels from a single breasted shawl collar tuxedo.

The trousers here are pleated, with two outward pleats, which was a style I wasn't fond of- mostly because I didn't like how I drafted them, nor the way they were drafted in all the references that I had.(It was all about the development of the pleat placement)
I wanted to change how I was doing them so I had a good talk with my colleague and friend Evan (a fellow tailor) about what I didn't like and what I wanted to do to change them, and he confirmed that I should go ahead with what I was planning and they are much better. That talk and subsequent change just goes to show that even after 20 years, you are always learning- and sometimes the solutions to problems are staring you in the face but you don't see them for a while, and when you do, you just can't believe you didn't see it earlier. Thanks Evan.
At this point a suitable Yiddish expletive is called for- wish I had one........Oy!

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