Friday, March 26, 2010

trimmed child's coat

Making trim for the coat was the final touch before I packed it up and sent it off. I was using the drapery fabric that we had used on some of the other costumes.
I had to make a "furry" cuff as well as trim the the collar and make some small pompom like puffs.
For the cuffs, I started with a bias tube of the plain white fabric, pressed flat, to act as a base to sew on. I cut a wide piece of the drapery fabric and folded it accordion style then cut into the edges randomly.... Folded it in half, offsetting the edges a bit, and then gathered it along the folded edge.
I laid a piece of this on the bias tube and stitched it down. Next I laid another gathered piece on the first, with the folded edges just overlapping. To fill in the middle I took a single layer of the cut edge drapery fabric and gathered it down the middle. This was laid in the middle and stitched down to the bias strip.
All that was left was to stitch the bias tube onto the end of the sleeve carefully by hand.
I made a little belt for the back and some pom poms and it was done.......... Here's before and after ( I kind of like the simplicity of the untrimmed version, but the design was otherwise)

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