Sunday, October 30, 2016

losses and carrying on

Six months since I last posted.,
2016 has turned out to be so very trying, in so many ways and I am hoping it will come around and settle down a bit. This I wrote a few of months ago, and it still hasn't settled down. Now I am looking for the end of the year to close this chapter.

I/We have lost so many people, friends, colleagues, mentors, individuals who have connected the past of our profession to the present and future that it seems overwhelming.
I started to list them and I had to stop.

Carrying on is what we have to do and in that spirit we continue on.

The studio is up and functioning, and I am hoping that the scent of scented candles will eventually go away in time. (this sentence brought to you from the department of redundancy department)
I am putting my hopes in time and Febreze unscented. It has been an enjoyable space to work in so far. The cats from the other space have been brought over and they are doing their job, keeping those pesky mice at bay. Jay's kiln is wired in and he is producing his beautiful work again. Andy and Rob are still organizing the wood and machinery and before getting back into the swing of things making cutting boards and such, they are building some very nice feral cat winter shelters.

I finished a project for a client that I felt was a bit of an experiment, making a suit long distance and doing the fitting over Skype. I am happy to say that it worked out quite well which is a relief for me. Here is the jacket in process. Silvia did a fabulous job with it, and I made the trousers and waistcoat.

The first studio project though was something sparkly, four jackets for Million Dollar Quartet. I usually do projects that allow for me to fit the actors but this time it was long distance and we did it with measurements and photos and a couple of cross your fingers and hope it all works out. Which they did, so a win win for all of us. Design: Cory Sincennes for the Citadel Theatre, Edmonton Alberta

Poor Elvis, I don't think I got a finished shot of that jacket. :(

I have a few more projects coming up and some pictures of some work that happened over the past six months. I also want to give some thought and discussion about training new tailor/cutters which is a topic that will be very pertinent in the near future.


  1. So sweet that you're caring for feral kitties!

    1. Thanks, I will pass on your gratitude! There was a colony of them near a nursing home and they have all been caught and spayed/neutered, and will now have a cosy space for winter.

  2. Sorry to hear you've had a challenging year. Hope things improve.

  3. SO happy that you're back...been too long! Congrats on the new space - adjusting to them can be challenging, but making it YOURS is the best part! Happy you're back!!

  4. Thank you!
    Things are still a bit topsy turvey on many fronts, and some things had to fall by the wayside, but I am moving forward now.

  5. Doing a fitting OVER SKYPE?? My dear, you are a miracle person. I have Skyped once or twice, and felt myself lucky to have been able to see and hear the other person, and they me. I cannot imagine how you pulled that off! I hope your day to day struggles abate and that the lovely things you make will get shared with us and we can marvel over them!
    Nancy N

    1. Haha! Well it was an experiment! The picture quality is not great and still photos are much clearer. You do get to actually "meet" each other though.
      Thanks for your kind thoughts.

  6. Dear Terri - what a challenging time you have had. I am impressed that you have survived and continue to produce the most amazing work. I love the quartet jackets (and can only imagine Elvis's), and am impressed that you have managed to fit them remotely. That is very clever.