Thursday, April 12, 2012

DB uniform tunic

We are so close to being finished with this uniform, I couldn't resist taking a photo.
What is left to do?
I need to make sure the lanyard can be worn like this, I have a lot of reference for SB uniforms with lanyards that attach to a CF button, but I'm not sure of the DB protocol. Of course these are not specific copies of any particular uniform or regiment so we have a bit of freedom in what the designer wants to do. (People do write in on occasion to correct us in certain circumstances).
The "medals" need to be sewn in place. We usually thread mark the placement so they can be removed for cleaning and restitched later.
The epaulettes screw down, and the fittings come with a screw that needs a button or something like that to be epoxied or soldered to the top of the screw head. Normally the posts would be inserted through a hole in the shoulder, but we stitch them on the shoulder instead, so that in another season they can have different epaulettes and we don't have random holes. The same with the belt hooks. They are often poked through a hole so that the main part of the hardware is inside the jacket, but again, we need to have future flexibility of use.
I still need some kind of insignia for the collar, and I think that is it.
Made of heavy navy barathea, for an actor who is 6'4" tall, with a 10" drop (chest to waist size), worn with a leather belt and sword as well. Maybe a sash too. I'll have to confirm it with our designer.
Now, just another few days and a few more pieces to finish (like the cutaway behind the uniform) before Tuesday when the show will tech onstage.


  1. I seriously consider yours to be some of the best tailoring I've seen, and personally one of my favorites. The range of outfits, the style, the quality. Seriously, thank you for sharing everything you do with us.