Tuesday, June 28, 2011

vintage beaded capelet/shawl

While I toil away, trying to deal with a mountain of work so high that the thought of scaling it makes my brain shut down, I thought I'd show you this vintage capelet/shawl that a colleague found in a rummage sale this winter.

I am always amazed at the things that people find at rummage sales or garage sales. I never seem to have that kind of experience, finding beautiful or valuable things in amongst the vast array of junk usually on display. That being said, shopping is not one of my pastimes, so I am unlikely to find anything. Its like playing the lottery -you have to buy a ticket to win but there again, I seem to neglect that essential aspect of the game.
The other question I ask myself is "Why would anyone get rid of something so nice?" It is in pristine condition, not sure how old it is -perhaps as early as the twenties or as late as the fifties. Maybe you know?

Vintage pieces, whether they are men's or ladies wear are very interesting to look at and sometimes dissect, but they are usually too fragile to actually be used in a show. When a designer insists on using a vintage piece, more often than not the piece gets ruined, or needs constant repair.

Anyway, it is something lovely to look at from a time when dressing up meant wearing something special.
I hope to reach some kind of plateau on my mountain of work soon, so I can get some pictures and form some kind of coherent thought to go with them.
Til later.......