Thursday, April 21, 2011

19th century dresses too

We used to share our space with Carol who cut ladies wear, but she's been sent over to another building, so I had not seen any of the women's costumes for the 19th century designed show we are working on.
Today I ventured over after work and took a few random pictures of some ladies dresses on the stands- cut by Margaret.
The colour is totally off in this picture, sorry! I really liked the little "sleeve cap" of pleated self fabric on this bodice. The colour is better in the shot below.
I can never get over the size of the sleeves for these dresses, and I love the variations of using the fabrics on different grains as well as using the fabrics to make the trim details- pleats, ruffles, bindings, to emphasize and delineate the shapes.
The white at the waist of the green dress is the waistband of the skirt- they still need to be joined together.

We'll be seeing this show on stage in about a week and a half and we have a fair bit of work to accomplish between now and then. I spent the majority of the afternoon putting buttonholes in waistcoats, tomorrow I'm going to be doing some sewing too, just to get us a little further ahead.

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  1. That is the most awesome sleeve cap I have ever seen! I love how the plaid looks different pleated like that. Both fabrics are lovely in general, but the way the plaid is used throughout the dress is just plain artful.
    I wish I could see *coughwearcough* the outfits you post in person, they're all so magnificent!