Friday, March 25, 2011

random pics

The weeks are flying by! Why is it that a week in February takes its time, but a week at the end of March when deadlines are beginning to approach flies by and you feel you cannot get enough done in a day?
Anyway, all I can show you right now are some random photos I took while wandering out on my way home.
All departments are in full swing and the first show will be in tech by April 8.

Today was Sitzprobe for the upcoming musical in the rehearsal hall next door to our wardrobe, so we had the pleasure of listening to the the whole orchestra going through the show music with the singers for the first time, while we worked.
Images from the top down: armour hanging in props, a suit jacket in a very napped, very slinky lightweight velvet in progress by Mr. S and team, a tray of "medals" in Bijoux, a patent leather corset by Miss B and team, and a fibreglass (I think it is fibreglass - not vacuform) casting of a head in props.

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