Thursday, July 8, 2010

trouser interior view 1

As requested, a shot of the inside of the fully lined trousers showing the waist the side pocket and inside of the fly extension.

Apologies for the quality of the photo- my camera was on the last of it's battery power yesterday, and this was the only shot I got.

We use a few different finishing techniques than you would find in "Ready To Wear" or "Off the Rack" clothing. The main one is that our waistbands do not have a "curtain" of lining- they are made of a double layer of hair canvas or linen canvas that is stitched together and then covered with silesia. The waistline is stitched securely through all the layers and we have a simple turn back at the centre back. This allows for quick and easy alterations since they are likely to be used again for another actor in another season.

The pockets are standard side seam pockets- the modern technique is readily available in Roberto Cabrerra's book Classic Tailoring Techniques .
The method I use is very similar but probably a slightly older technique but it gives the same results.
I can't count how many pairs of trousers I have made- but once you get a method in your head and hands it is sometimes more efficient to keep with it rather than change it for change's sake.

This pair has a zip fly - something that we never used when I was starting out. It was all button flys all the time. Now, I can't remember when I last made a pair with a button fly.

I'll try to organize a few more detailed shots, when things slow down a bit.

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